Hi unnie~ how have u been unnie? It's been a while i didnt comment in this.. why I didn't see any updates in this blog? Is Unnie busy right now...? ^^
ASKED BY Anonymous

Hey sweetheart ^^ i’m doin well thankyu my dear <333333

i’m really busy and exhausted ;A; i try my best to see the news of SJ but whenever i see a really kyuwook moment i’ll update it ^^

sorry if i fail at updating ;A;

Kyuhyun + Ryeowook = L.O.V.E

Happy Birthday Shomuś!!!!!! <3 Wish you all the best, kyuwook under your pillow and sj in your house. ^^ Good health, a lot of money, good friends, good family ^^
ASKED BY lixukuixianlover

aigooooooooooooo i hope all wishes come true unnie xD coz that what i actually need <33333333

thankyu thankyu thankyu soooooooooooooo much unnie i really really looooooove u <3333333333333

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┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

Dead by the cuteness i see (っ-●益●)っ ,︵

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